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Preparing for the 2023 Synod with Pope Francis

The re-introduction of Holy Communion from the chalice


W/C Sunday 28th May 2023
Saturday 27th: Saint Augustine of Canterbury

10.00am Confessions in St. Dominic's Chapel

SUNDAY 28th: Pentecost Sunday

(Year A)

Sat. 5.00pm Mass in Market Bosworth Market Bosworth Dead List

Sat. 6.30pm MASS Boyle family

Sun. 8.00am MASS Margaret Miller (J. Mason)

Sun. 9.45am MASS Joan Balfe (Armson)

Sun. 11.30am Mass in Earl Shilton The parishes

Monday 29th: Mary, Mother of the Church

9.00am Meeting of the Pastoral Team

9.30am Eucharistic Service

10.30am Eucharistic Service in Earl Shilton 

11.00am Meeting of the Pastoral Team

Tuesday 30th: Of the Day

9.30am Eucharistic Service

12.15pm Funeral Service for Colin Lloyd

Wednesday 31st: The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

10.00am Eucharistic Service in Market Bosworth 

10.30am Meeting of the Pastoral Team

12.00pm MASS Winnie Oakes

1.00pm Friendly Club

Thursday 1st June: Our Lord Jesus, Eternal High Priest

9.30am Eucharistic Service

Friday 2nd: Of the Day

12.00pm MASS Jack Harrison


Saturday 3rd: Saints Charles Lwanga & Companions

10.00am Confessions in St. Dominic's Chapel

SUNDAY 4th: The Most Holy Trinity

(Year A)

Sat. 5.00pm Mass in Market Bosworth Doug Bathan

Sat. 6.30pm MASS Hargrave family

Sun. 8.00am MASS Mike Timini

Sun. 9.45am MASS The parishes

Sun. 11.00am Service at Hinckley Cemetery

Sun. 11.30am Mass in Earl Shilton Special Intention (V. Kenny)

Funerals: The following Funerals will take place this week:

Tuesday: Colin Lloyd

You may send in Mass intentions as normal and they will be said on the day you request, if at all possible.

November Dead Listis now published in all our churches . If you wish to have your relatives’ names added to it, please put the list through the Priory door.